Selection plan for a job

This consulting assignment is based on the job of Concrete Finisher at Mark Concrete. It is described in an episode of ‘Dirty Jobs’. You can access this episode by watching it at the following site .
After watching the episode, imagine that you are a consultant who has been asked to analyze and provide suggestions for a total overhaul of the human resource system for a Concrete Finisher at Mark Concrete.
You have to develop a selection plan for this job.
a. Recommend and describe 3 different selection assessments that could be used to hire for this job.
b. Provide justification for why you chose to use each method. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each of these assessments.
c. Do you recommend using the multiple-hurdle or compensatory approach? Why?
d. Propose a process that can be used to assess whether the tests produce adverse impact once they are being used to hire new employees.

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