Sickle Cell Anemia

1. A description of the health condition (what is it, what systems it primarily affects, etc.)
a. Please choose appropriate sources for this information such as the World Health Organization,
the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, the Mayo Clinic, and peer-reviewed medical and
psychological journals
2. The population(s) affected by the health condition and the relevant biological, behavioral,
cognitive, emotional, and social/environmental (e.g., economic, cultural, etc.) factors related to the
health condition and its treatment
3. How stress impacts the health condition (e.g. onset of the condition, maintenance or exacerbatio
of the condition, treatment, and/or relapse)
4. Conceptualization of the treatment/intervention of the health condition in the context of (at least
one) one of the theoretical models discussed in class
5. Typical outcomes/success of treatment
6. Future clinical and/or research considerations to best address the health condition (in the contex
of health psychology)
7. References
Papers should be in APA 7th edition formatting and approximately 15 pages,
Again, the paper needs to encompass 7 areas of Sickle Cell Anemia

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