Similarities and Differences Between Sunni and Shia Islamic Religions

In your paper you will investigate and compare two distinct religious traditions.
Topic/Thesis: Compare and contrast two distinct religions’ teachings about death, dying, and the afterlife.
Your bibliography must be made of scholarly academic sources. and must include at least five sources, of which two must be primary sources, one from each tradition you analyze. Using more primary sources is certainly OK and even encouraged! You may use the textbook as one source, but all must be academic scholarly sources
Please make sure to create and include all required citations throughout the paper, as well as page numbers too. Thank you!
If more or a different source is needed to cover the required information above, more sources could be added, however, it MUST be considered a credible “scholarly source” and MUST also be cited as instructed. Thank you. All the scholarly sources I found that should help will be attached below under the files.
Note: The Professor prefers the research to be more concentrated and in-depth rather than broad but shallow.

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