Social determinants of health SDOH

HLT 110 – Introduction to Community Health
Community Health Term Paper Instructions
This paper must be 2 pages in length double spaced.
You must select a risk behavior or protective behavior (topics below) and have each of the
following areas as subheadings/sections in your paper:
1. Intro/ Public Health Importance: what is the impact of this behavior on the health of the
public? (1/2 page at least)
2. Analysis of Social Epidemiology: who does the behavior (community/population, age,
gender) and what are the factors that explain the behavior? (1/2 page)
3. Analysis of Current Strategies to modify the behavior in a healthful direction, to
include: (1/2 page)
a) to what extent are the current strategies evidence-based.
b) are they working or not working.
c) discuss why or why not?
4. Recommendations for an optimal public health strategy to modify the behavior.
Recommendations should be explained within an ecological framework and should
include: (1/2 page)
a) brief description of evidence in support of your recommendations.
b) a specific communication strategy to reach the target population.
c) at least one proposed policy change that will help achieve your objectives
(e.g., taxation).
5. The last section of your term paper is your reference page. The reference page does
not count towards the 2-page requirement. In the reference page you must list all of the
references that you used to write your term paper (e.g.,, course textbook,
newspaper, nutrition and health journal etc.…). You will list your references according to the
American Psychological Association guidelines (APA Style). For APA guidelines please go
to the following websites:
Term Paper Topics
1. The US society is plagued with numerous mental disorders/illnesses and constitutes a
major community health concern. Discuss the prevalence and characteristics of mental
health disorders and how they (mental health disorders) are related to chronological age,
chronic diseases and overall life expectancy.
2. Social determinants of health (SDOH) are the conditions in the environments where
people are born, live, learn, work, play, worship, and age that affect a wide range of
health, functioning, and quality-of-life outcomes and risks. Discuss how the social
determinants of health impact the health status of dissimilar populations and how these
(social determinants) influence public health actions.
3. Maternal, infant and child health are important indicators of a community’s overall
health. Discuss why are preconception, prenatal, postpartum and Interconception are
important for mothers and infants and what are the consequences of teen to the mother,
infant and community.
4. The overall health status of adolescents, young adults and adults could be improved by
reducing the prevalence of high-risk behaviors (e.g., smoking, substance use and abuse,
physical activity, etc.). Discuss the behaviors that put these cohorts at greatest risk and
how does a person’s environment impact these behaviors.

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