Social Issue in Colonial Hong Kong from 1842 to 1997

Theme: Exploring Colonial Hong Kong through the Lens of Gender, Class and/or Race
Set up a research field
Search for primary sources (esp. case studies)
Study secondary sources (scholarly literature)
Narrow down the field by defining a research question
Evaluate and analyze your primary sources, respond to the
secondary sources
Conclude your finding and highlight your contribution
Give your research a title
This assessment aims to:
1. Arouse your interests in and exposure of studying historical changes in a society from multiple aspects
2. Help you develop historical consciousness of social identities and the relations between
individuals and society on the lines of gender, class and race
3. Sharpen your understanding about the significance of social indicators to studying history with reference to the case of Hong Kong
1. Select at least one social indicator as your lens(women)
2. Plan your project with a particular focus on a social issue of colonial Hong Kong from
1842 to 1997 (e.g., work, housing, education, migration, medical care etc.)
3. Form a research question about your research focus and study it with your chosen lens
4. Think of other written sources to supplement your photographs for presentation, such as history books, scholarly works, governmental documents, archives, surveys, reports, newspapers, and so on
5. Both private and public written and visual sources should be properly cited (APA form or Chicago-style)
6. Give your article a title
7. At least 6 references. Word limit: 2,000, including footnotes and bibliography

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