Solution Focused Therapy Case Application

Using Solution Focused therapy techniques and interventions

  • APA format
  • For the attached client write what Solution Focused therapy techniques and interventions were utilized for; individual session, family session and sessions with the brother alone.
  • There were 24 individual sessions with Joey, 12 family sessions with Joey, his parents and his brother, and 5 sessions with Joey and his brother 18 animal assisted therapy sessions.
  • Give an overview of what the family’s first session was like using the miracle question and scaling questions to develop well-formed family goals. What were the obstacles (the father was sarcastic when asked the miracle question)? What were the challenges? What was the outcome?
  • Write a short script of the miracle question dialogue between therapist and each family member. AND write a short script of the miracle question asked during an individual session.
  • Write a short script of the use of scaling questions between the therapist and each family member. AND write a short script of scaling questions asked during an individual session.
  • How did the family dynamic come to the forefront during the family sessions?
  • What were the goals for individual, family, and sessions with the brothers?
  • From where the work started with this client and his family what was the outcome after all of the session so far? What was resolved? How did ALL of the goals get accomplished?
  • Since it took a long time to work on rapport building (2 months of taking walks and hanging out in the teaching barn) after realizing that when the client was around the farm animals, he was more relaxed and more open to talking, I implemented animal assisted therapy into our sessions. The client loved the horses, so we started to have an additional session a week just grooming the horses and taking the clients favorite sheep (Bow Peep) for walks. Write about the realization of incorporating animals into therapy with Joey. Write about the benefits it afforded the therapeutic relationship and progress of the client’s therapy. Write about the method of grooming the horses and walking the sheep.

The sections for this chapter should look like this:

  1. Using scaling questions
  2. Using the miracle question
  3. Well-formed goals (identify individual client goals, goals for the family, and goals for the brothers)
  4. Individual therapy process and outcomes
  5. Family and Sibling therapy process and outcomes
  6. The use of Animal Assisted Therapy
  7. Termination (therapy is going to be terminated in June due to the client being discharged from Green Chimneys to go back home and back to school district)

Conclusion (the client was approved for discharge in June 2022 after school session ends

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