STIs and HIV/AIDS (Compare and Contrast Essay)


  1. Identify the websites for the following nonprofit agency websites: Planned Parenthood, Benton County Department of Public Health, and the Center for Disease Control.
  2. Visit these websites and:
    1. Compare and Contrast each site with regard to its thoroughness and accessibility of information regarding STIs and HIV/AIDS.
      • Does it appear inclusive? Does it speak to to everyone who might seek out information regarding STIs and HIV/AIDS? Why or why not?
      • In your opinion, which site do you feel most comfortable visiting and why?
    2. Please provide an additional reflection paragraph on your experience. Did you learn something new? Were there “aha” moments? If so, share them in at least one well-developed paragraph approximately 4-6 sentences.

3,  Finally, complete the following form.

STI Internet Assignment

STIs (beyond those covered in class)


STI Organism Symptoms Transmission Treatment

Bacterial Vaginosis




Hepatitis A

Hepatitis C        

Molluscum Contagiousum

Pubic Lice        



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