Summary Critique Documentary Film about Drugs

You are then required to write a separate 800–1000 word analysis of the documentary

Each analysis should include and be organized as follows:

Section One (50-100 words): Accurately summarize the documentary/film
Section Two (50-100 words): Clearly identify the drugs and crime-related issues present in the documentary/film
Section Three (100-150 words): Critically evaluate how these issues were addressed
Section Four (500-600 words): Specify how the behaviors and decisions shown in the documentary do or do not conform to the materials covered in class.
Section Five (100-150 words): Clearly articulate how the situations portrayed might be handled more effectively
This analysis is worth 100 points and should be treated like a research paper. Papers significantly (more than 5%) shorter than the required 800 words, longer than 1000 words and/or that significantly deviate from the above word count/section guidelines will automatically be lowered 2 letter grades. Title, name and references do not count toward the word minimum.

Grammar, spelling and punctuation are part of the final grade.

Do not “pad” your paper with repetition, verbosity or unnecessary words. Repeated passages will be automatically deducted from the final word count, which will affect your final score.

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