Systems Thinking for Organizations

Fulls Assignment Sections Please use the section titles below as the main headings for each written portion of this assignment paper Section 1

Systems Concepts Application

1. View the film from a systems perspective (you may need to view the film more than once). It is useful to take notes and identify concepts while watching the film

2. Apply at least 6-systems concepts (at least 1-full page per concept) to the film. Remember to state why you believe the concept applies. Provide detail and examples (from the film) to support your claims of the concepts applied Concepts should be applied, not defined (in other words, don’t provide concept definitions)

Remember to provide the timing from the film next to each concept applied for example, (1 hr, 2-minutes)-so that the professor can review the scene in which the concept is being applied Section 2

Apply an Archetype Each group member should complete the following:

1. Archetype (minimum 1 -page per student) Identify 1-archetype that applies to an instance in the film. Next , discuss why this archetype is evident in the film. Provide specific examples from the film to support the applied archetype

Group member work in this section cannot be duplicated once a group member identifies a certain archetype and applied it to the film, another group member may not duplicate that archetype Section 3

Individual Student Insights ( student name here) Each student will reflect and share insights gained about systems and interconnections after watching and applying the concepts to the film. Each student will write at least 1-page.

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