Techniques to Improve Writing Skills

Writing is a process. Famous writers lauded for their literary works have a bevy of editors behind them helping craft their work. While students don’t have a group of editors in their corner, they do have the Writing Center, the Academic Lab, professors, and others in their lives to help them improve their writing. For the last Writing Wednesday activity, you’ll be finding 12 sentences in your rough draft to improve. While this assignment only asks you to revise 12 sentences, the expectations is that you’ll be evaluating and improving all the sentences throughout the paper as necessary.

Six core revision strategies strengthen writing:

1. Eliminating personal pronouns

2. Eliminating weak and passive constructions

3. Writing concise sentences

4. Writing specific sentences

5. Constructing sentences in the positive rather than the negative

6. Using literary devices.

Be sure you review this explanatory document in Module 102 Leveling Up Writing Challenge.docx download

Then, download and complete this document: 102 Leveling Up Writing Assignment (1).docx download

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