Total Quality Management TQM Lean Six Sigma 5S

Original Work:
All sources must be properly cited and no more than 20% should be direct quotations from other sources. In other words, you may not copy/paste/cite your way to a 6 – 8 page paper.
The paper should be 6 (1700+ words) to 8 (2250+ words) double spaced pages not including cover pages, abstract, or reference pages. Follow the American Psychological Association (APA) style. There should be a minimum of 4 references, preferably from peer-reviewed academic journals, which you can access through the UTPB Library databases, EBSCO, Business Source Complete, or reputable news sources or company websites.
The paper topic may be on any of the topics covered in the assigned readings or any topic directly related to the topics in this course, such as application in a particular industry.
Grading Rubric:
In the Individual Paper assignment, 80 points are awarded based on the appropriateness of the topic to the course and quality of sources and quality of content. There will be a major point deduction for excessive use of quotations to fill the paper by copy/paste/cite to create a paper. Ten points are awarded based on grammar and writing style and 10 points are awarded based on APA Style formatting.

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