Transforming Data Into Information

You are a supervisor at Regional Call Center’s Washington, DC, facility. Regional provides contract call center services for a number of companies, including banks and major retail companies. You have been with the company for slightly more than seven years, having joined Regional right after graduating with a master’s degree in business administration from Strayer University. After the monthly staff meeting, you were handed a new assignment by the company CEO. The assignment came out of a discussion at the meeting in which one of Regional’s clients wanted a report describing the calls being handled for them by Regional. The CEO had asked you to describe the data in a file called Regional Call Center and produce a report that would both graphically and numerically analyze the data. The data are for a sample of 57 calls and for the following variables:
Account Number.
Past Due Amount.
Current Account Balance.
Nature of Call (Billing Question or Other).
Summarize the case scenario of the Regional Call Center’s Washington, D.C. facility.
Develop bar charts showing the mean and median current account balance.
Construct a scatter diagram showing the current balance on the horizontal axis and the past due amount on the vertical axis.
Compute the key descriptive statistics for the current and past due amounts.
Repeat task 4 but compute the statistics for the past due balances.
Compute the coefficient of variation for current account balances.
Write a 4 3page report to National’s client that contains the results of the completed tasks along with a discussion of the statistics and graphs.

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