Understanding Individuals Behavior

Understanding Individuals Behavior

Exercises: (10 points each)

Discuss how Alderfer’s ERG Theory satisfied the criticisms of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

Discuss McClelland’s 3-Needs Theory as it relates to a manager’s success in the workplace.

Discuss the types of reinforcements available to managers for changing an employee’s behavior.

Explain what is meant by a manager’s power base, the ways a manager develops it, and how a manager can effectively use it to achieve organizational and personal goals.

Professional Development: (20 points each)

Page 122-3, Case Study #2 (“Develop a Motivation Plan”)

Page 141, Case Study #1 (“All in a Day’s Work: Part 2”)

Please put exercise worth 10 point in Microsoft word documents for when the professional development is started please make note of it. please answer thoroughly in paragraph form with the plagiarism not over 20 percent. i will the case studies to you in email.

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