US Fiscal and Monetary Policy Essay

Our central bank (the Fed) and our Presidents (Trump and Biden) and Congress have done a lot to fight the recession associated with the COVID crisis. We have recovered to some extent from the recession but have entered a weak recovery. Now there is talk of both inflation and possible recession. Where is our economy currently at? This is a lot like the discussion board but is asking you to dig a little more.
You must find 8 articles…
You must find at least 1 article about what the Federal Reserve is doing and what they are concerned about now
You must find at least 1 article about what Congress and President Biden is doing with the economy
Have they done enough? What are the current worries facing the economy?

You should have at the beginning the 8 articles you found, listing them by title and author (half page)
You should have a summary of the 8 articles, explaining what is happening to the economy and what the central bank (monetary policy) and Congress and the President (fiscal policy) are doing to fight the situation. (1-2 pages)

Total length: 7-9 pages typed, double spaced, 12 font size, (minimum) you can write more if needed

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