US History: Media Expansion During 1492 to 1877

This will be a research paper so use good sources
You will need 5 good references at least 1 must be a scholarly source, You must use in-text citations
Choose a topic you will be able to find good research on
This will be a 5 page paper – not counting cover page and references page. Minimum 1,200 words
It must be written in APA format – a link to that information is on the Lessons page
Paraphrase and avoid direct quotes. I don’t want to see more than a couple of direct quotes on your paper
Paraphrase means to put it into your own words
I will be using a tool to detect text from other sources. Please look at the rubric below on plagiarism and points deducted. Your paper will be heavily penalized if you don’t paraphrase.
You paper will include:
1. A title page
2. 5 pages of the body of the paper
3. In-text citations (each paragraph should include in-text citations) Each time you write about what you found on a source, you must have an in-text citation.
4. A proper APA formatted references page
You do NOT need an abstract
Please ask if I didn’t cover something and you are unclear.
If you continue with your college experience, you will need to know how to wriegqte a good research paper.

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