War on drugs

The purpose of this paper is to showcase your knowledge and competencies. You are responsible for
demonstrating what you have learned by considering multiple perspectives and referencing a minimum of four
scholarly sources.

Your paper should focus on the following:
Has the War on Drugs achieved its objectives?
Provide a brief history on the War on Drugs.
Has the War on Drugs lowered drug usage?
Has the War on Drugs lowered crime rates?
What are some of the unintended consequences of the War on Drugs and how have they affected offenders,
their families, and communities? Select a minimum of three unintended consequences (some backgrounder in
text starting on page 241 – Do not use our text in your essays).
Has the War on Drugs been a success or failure?
Your research should leave the reader with a good understanding of how the War on Drugs has been a
success or failure.
This paper is worth 50 points toward your final grade. For this paper, you are to address the specific topics listed
above. Outside research is required.

Additional essay requirements include:
Your essay should be 4 – 6 pages

Your essay should include no less than 4 reliable, scientific, peer-reviewed sources (do not use our text)
Your essay should be written using APA formatting, with New Times Roman (12 pt) font, and standard one-inch
Your essay should be uploaded through the Assignment folder directly in Canvas
Your essay will be submitted through Turnitin, ASU’s anti-plagiarism software
Review the grading rubric for these assignments for more details

Writing Format for Critical Analysis #3 requires APA style formatting and must include:
Title Page
In-text APA formatted citations
APA formatted
Reference page

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