Wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria

Wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria

a. Roberts, “Doctrine and Reality in Afghanistan”
b. Jones, “The Rise of Afghanistan’s Insurgency”
c. Biddle, “The Afghan Model in Afghanistan and Iraq”

Assignment: Using these articles in no more than 3 pages, that addresses the following:
Compare and contrast the American experience and wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. How should we analyze the two wars? How are they dis/similar? What should we learn from them moving forward? How do they affect US grand strategy?

You must use APSA citation style and quote. You must use at least 2-3 in-text citations each paragraph. This should be a formal essay. Please see below for an example of the required formal writing rules including formatting.
In-text citations must have page number (ie: Thompson, 1999, 25)
Reference citations must have page numbers (ie: Rollins John, Susan Lawrence, and Catherine Theohary. 2015. Fas.org: 85-113 https://sgp.fas.org/crs/row/IN10376.pdf (March 24, 2022).

Introduction Paragraph:
1. Purpose sentence
2. Thesis: main idea
3. Parts of the paper: evidence
4. Conclusion/transitory sentence

The purpose of this paper is to study possible strategies of counter-terrorism. To do so, it investigates the questions, “what are the least effective strategies of counter-terrorism?” its thesis is that the least effective strategy is appeasement. To demonstrate, this paper has 3 points. First, examines ……… Secondly, it elaborates ……… Thirdly, it elucidates ……… To conclude, this paper illustrates two policy recommendations.

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