What is living and what is dead in the philosophy of Karl Marx?

Assignment Outline – 4000 words (happy with 3800 words in total also) (3500 already written – see file named ‘Karl Marx DRAFT’)
Needs a strong conclusion written tying it all together, editing and Harvard referencing added. Please read lecture notes and ammend the essay to pick up what the lecturer wants if needed.
‘What is living and what is dead in the philosophy of Karl Marx?’
Ideal Essay structure
Paragraph 2
Explain why Marx wrote as he did
The following paragraphs must include a demonstration of understanding of what Karl Marx meant by the following concepts:
Dialectic, Alienation, Forces/Relations of Production, The Materialist Conception of History, Exploitation, Revolution
Relate these ideas to later interpretations of Marx’s work
Draw conclusions for modern politics especially centred around workers rights
Please note this essay needs to get above 75%.
– Please add references where they are needed the body of this essay does not reference properly. Use Harvard referencing
– Use British English not American English (no z’s or American spellings please)
– Everything must be left aligned in format please
– Please edit the essay and amend where necessary

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