White Paper on Malnutrition Essay Help

What is a White Paper?
You have undoubtedly done many research papers in your undergraduate degree. You will find that writing a white paper is very similar to writing a research paper. You will identify one issue, research it, analyze what you find in the literature, and create a well-reasoned compelling recommendation for a course of action.
There are a few differences between a research paper and a white paper. White papers are not typically scholarly papers, but rather professional reports written to convey information to key stakeholders outside the healthcare organization in an efficient and highly professional manner.
Though not formal research papers, white papers are evidence-based. Researching and synthesizing the literature is imperative.
What to Expect:
The project assignments in HSC517 are all interrelated. Each assignment builds on the previous assignment. By the end of the course, you will have created a final product, your white paper, that will be a fantastic learning experience, and also be a great addition to your Excelsior College portfolio.
The HSC517 project provides you with an opportunity to explore in-depth a healthcare delivery system issue of interest to you, specific to a population of interest to you. You will become an authority on this delivery systems issue. Here’s a preview of how the creation of your paper {or white paper} will evolve throughout the course:
Prior Efforts and Recommendations
In this component of the white paper, you will review what you have written so far and provide evidence-based descriptions of what has been done so far to address your chosen topic. Then, you will provide a strong evidence-based recommendation to address your chosen topic. Specifically, you will highlight what you believe, in your expert opinion based on what you have learned, is especially important in addressing this issue. You will then recommend and describe current and prospective solutions. Please address the following:
What has been done to date to try to address the issue (choose 1-2 efforts from the literature)?
Your analysis of the successes and failings of these efforts.
A recommended solution to this issue, fully backed by the evidence base.
Note: If you are recommending a health app, this will be the foundation of your recommendation. Be very specific about what your proposed app or innovation will do to address the issue, who the app’s target user group will be, and any other information that will help to explain how your app will make a difference.
Since you will be referring frequently to what you have learned in your review of the literature, it will be critical to cite your sources frequently within your white paper. Note that this is very similar to the “main body” of a research paper, written for a professional audience in a highly professional tone rather than an academic one.
While you will continue to write in a formal and highly professional manner as you did in Module 4, you will be able to also begin to use persuasion for your recommended solution, using the evidence as the main tool in your persuasive argument.

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