Your Health and the Internet FCC Report

1. Visit the FCC Report / Research Maps (,-95&z=4&t=insights&inb=in_bb_access&inh=in_diabetes_rate&dmf=none&inc=none&slb=90,100&slh=10,22) here
2. If you are within the US, find your local area (either by county or address), if you are outside of the US, select any location of your choice (you can select OSU’s Corvallis county of Benton).
3. Note the following statistics (you will need to modify the drop down condition for Broadband Availability and Health Measures):
Broadband access
Internet Adoption
Rural Access
Diabetes rate
Obesity rate
Poor/Fair Health
4. On Canvas in a new thread under the Forum for this assignment:
Share your statistics from each category above
What area did you search (County / City, State)?
Is the area you selected considered Rural, Suburban, or Urban?
Identify one thing you learned with the findings of Broadband and Internet Access.
Identify one thing you learned from the health findings.
Discuss, in your opinion, if you think access to broadband internet may have a correlation to the health findings. If you are personally familiar with the area you chose, you can also include your personal experiences and opinions on the findings.
Your initial post must be between 300-500 words.

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