ACA and Medicare

This week’s discussions will focus on health care delivery and financing, specifically on the ACA and Medicare.  Be sure to include a resource in each response including the book, a peer-reviewed journal article and appropriate websites.

Discussion Board Items—Refer to Discussion Board Guidelines and Grading Rubric as you complete these items. (The expectations are outlined in the syllabus, Module 0, and Module 1 Discussion Board)

  1. In the ACA, there are three categories of state Marketplace/Exchanges. Identify the three categories and provide a summary of each.
  2. There are five (metal) categories of plans that individuals can access through the Marketplace.  Identify the five categories and discuss what types of services each provides. (Hint—the fifth is Catastrophic).
  3. What new roles for nurses and others do you see developing in the age of the Affordable Care Act?  Identify at least two new roles.
  1. Identify 2 key issues/points that you learned from the online program, The World of Medicare.
  2. Explain the impact of the two issues/points that you identified in #4 on your future practice as an advanced practice nurse.

Jacobson, J. (2013). The new health insurance marketplace: Many uninsured aren’t aware of what the ACA can offer. American Journal of Nursing, 113(12), 19-21.  NRP 612The_New_Health_Insurance_Marketplace.14.pdf


American Association of Colleges of Nursing. (2010, April 14). Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, Public Law No: 111-148, Nursing Education and Practice Provisions.  file:///C:/Users/lanea6/Downloads/NRP%20612%20AACN%20Overview%20Summary%20of%20ACA%20(6).pdf             Here is a link to the document:  NRP 612 AACN Overview Summary of ACA.pdf


American Nurses Association. (2010). State Health Insurance Exchanges  (Links to an external site.)              Here is the PDF–ANA State Health Insurance Exchanges.pdf


The Kaiser Family Foundation site is truly a gold-standard,  offering a wealth of information.  You can feel confident using their information.  This site is kept up to date.

Kaiser Family Foundation. (2021). State Health Insurance Marketplace Types,%22sort%22:%22asc%22%7D  (Links to an external site.) or State Health Insurance Marketplace types    




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