Case Study Staffing Decisions

For this assessment, imagine you are helping your parents navigate their healthcare questions. Your parents (both 58 years old) currently each have medical insurance through their employers, respectively. However, they plan to retire early and are exploring all their options when it comes to healthcare insurance.
They have become confused very quickly and ask you to explain the terminology in a way they will understand.
Additionally, your father asks for your help to review a recent Explanation of Benefits he received from his insurance company. The document states that he was charged for an ultrasound procedure on Sept 24, but he does not recall having anything other than a blood draw completed on that date.
Your task is to help your parents determine the advantages and disadvantages of their post-retirement insurance options and clear up the recent billing error. The complexity of health insurance models, plans, and programs are often daunting, and when trying to determine which plan works best for you and your family, it can be overwhelming. The financial factor can often dictate which plan a family chooses instead of the benefits of the plan/program.
In this assignment, you will need to create a quick reference guide that outlines the basics of various health insurance models and plans for your parents.
They plan to retire early, so they are exploring all their insurance options when it comes to healthcare insurance. They have become confused very quickly, and your task is to explain the terminology in a way they will understand.
Construct your quick reference guide so that it will benefit not just your parents, but other soon-to-be retirees, too.
First, to explain your parents’ health insurance options, create a quick reference guide. Include the following information:
Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of Health Maintenance Organization (HMO), Preferred Provider Organization (PPO)and Fee-For-Service (FFS) insurance plans
Discuss Medicare, Medicaid, and single-payer healthcare models
Be sure to explain the following terminology definitions: co-pay, co-insurance, deductible, high-deductible health plan,high-premium health plan
Next, write a brief response to your parents’ questions, including this information:
Which of the insurance options is likely the best option for your parents’ early retirement and why?
Is billing for a service that is not performed an ethical issue or simply a common error?
Who is ethically responsible for correcting for the billing error?
In order to earn full credit, be sure to include the following:
A quick reference guide
1-2 pages in length
Word document or PDF is acceptable
Cite references in APA format
Brief response
2-3 paragraphs in length
Word document
Cite references in APA format

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