Building Healthy Relationships

Through the lens of Social Emotional Learning, we will examine building healthy relationships. By implementing the tenets of building relationships, teachers can enhance the learning environment and improve academics. Explore these six cards to discover valuable practices that impact student-teacher relationships.


Both intern teachers and student teachers can engage with the “Building Healthy Relationships?” Playbooks are based on their own teaching and learning experiences. Intern teachers, what SEL strategies are you currently implementing? Student teachers, where do you want to begin with strategies to Build Healthy Relationships in your classroom?


“When teaching social-emotional learning, we are looking at the whole person. The emotions connected to learning are inseparable.” (Angela Karem, Transitional Kindergarten Teacher)

Through your Playbook learning, how can you reflect on ways in which you can bring the whole child into classroom learning experiences? How will you create an environment that is safe, nurturing and empowering for each child that enters your room?

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