Spiritual Awareness Assignment

1. Choose an item that represents meaning related to your individual spirituality. Examples may be a poem, scripture, work of literature, a spiritual or religious article, a work of art, a piece of music, a movie clip, a type of dance, etc. Find a representation of your item that can be shared electronically with your classmates (e.g. video, website link, scanned photograph, word document, attachment, etc). Post the electronic representation on the Moodle forum provided. Explain your item and how it represents your concept of spirituality. (15 points)

2. Submit a paper in a separate confidential attachment that addresses all of the following: (20 points)

a. Explain your item and how it represents your concept of spirituality. Describe its personal meaning to you.
b. Write your personal definition of spirituality. Contrast your thoughts regarding religion and spirituality.
c. How is your work influenced by your spirituality? Do you integrate your spiritual beliefs into your personal life or work activities?
d. Are you comfortable discussing spirituality with others in a non-threatening manner? Or do you prefer to keep your beliefs to yourself?
e. Do you feel it is important to know your clients’ beliefs regarding spirituality or religion? In what ways would knowing influence your nursing care?

Papers should be a minimum of 6 paragraphs and not exceed 3 pages. Papers should be typed single space. APA format is not required, however, writing should be in scholarly form.

This assignment will be evaluated using the Forum and essay rubric and based on quality of writing, following directions, originality of thought, and depth of expression.



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