Business Analytics Implementation Plan

Write a Business Analytics Implementation Plan following the attached outline. Name a specific business/airliner when discussing currency vs proficiency issues. Add potential risks and a backup plan to address risks associated with a business analytics implementation. You will be required to explain the the business problem, background, objectives of proposal/business requirements, potential data mining tools/analytics applications, risks, visualization of data, and the timeline. Include the pros and cons of outsourcing business analytics within the implementation plan. This final implementation plan should be double-spaced, using current APA formatting, with at least 10 references in support of each section as follows:
Cover page
Table of Contents
Introduction (describe the business)
Return on Investment (ROI)
Major stakeholders
Communications plan
Data mining tools/applications
Analysis of current enterprise information systems in place
Alignment to Business Objectives
Implementation plan
Data Visualization
Business problem
Objectives of proposal/business requirements

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