Climatic Cost of Fossil Fuels and Moving Sustainably Into the Future

As we have navigated through our chapters on Geology, Minerals and Mining, and The Atmosphere, Air Quality, and Pollution Control we have begun to see the environmental and social damage caused by high levels of dependence on fossil fuels. Although they have traditionally been the most cost-effective forms of energy, these external costs, as we learned about, are now becoming overwhelming, especially as we are realizing the ecological, social and economic costs that are being attributed to the acceleration of Global Climate Change, as we have learned more about in this chapter.
Carbon Nation provides innovative examples of how individuals or small community groups can “take charge” to battle Climate Change is included in the form of a documentary, (basic concepts and facts about renewable energy will be covered in the Chapter 16 Renewable Energy.ppt Download Chapter 16
Renewable Energy.ppt). Similar to the “Eco-tipping Points” that we have researched, it shows how these changes can happen one community at a time, through the sheer desire for change. This assignment takes us deeper into the beneficial impacts that renewable energy initiatives can bring to communities on a local basis. Such initiatives also foster sustainable economic development locally, bringing life back into disparaged regions suffering from environmental and social injustice. Such initiatives not only help the environment, they promote a healthier and happier future for all.
Each of you is expected to provide a summary of the video
To complete this assignment:
1) Watch the documentary or the webinar provided below by clicking on the link in the table below under the heading, FULL MOVIE.
2) Submit a summary of the video that is at least two pages in length. The summary should be in essay format and well-developed, including detailed descriiptions for at least three examples provided in the movie, and “lessons learned” from those examples. The summary should include the title of the video that you watched and a full MLA citation at the end

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