Mixed Constitutions class

What is sovereignty? Consider whether you agree with Jean Bodin and other modern theorists (Pufendorf, Grotius, Hobbes) that a mixed or balanced constitution is impossible. You may want to compare, for example, Aristotle (Politics 3.6-7, 4.8-9), Polybius (6.3-10), Cicero (Republic 1.69), or Machiavelli
(Discourses 1.2). Cite specific passages from their works with book and chapter numbers in the text in parentheses (no footnotes) or follow the instructions of your TA.
Times new roman size 12 double spaced
Do research and use links below as well as class material uploaded.
Cicero republic book: https://www.gutenberg.org/files/54161/54161-h/54161-h.htm
Aristotle politics book: https://www.bard.edu/library/arendt/pdfs/Aristotle-Politics.pdf
machiavelli: https://www.marxists.org/reference/archive/machiavelli/works/discourses/index.htm

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