Concept Map diagramming an ethical issue with legal implications

  1. Written Assignment: Ethical Issue Concept Map and Summary: 

Develop a Concept Map diagramming an ethical issue with legal implications and write a summary of the ethical issue.


  1. Read the article, “Ethical Frameworks” which details the four principles of biomedical ethics a framework developed by Beauchamp and Childress Ethical Frameworks Article (linked under Assignments and Guidelines: Concept Map). Also, review textbook Chapter 22, Ethics and Values, for additional insight.
  2. Choose one of the ethical case studies to complete the Concept Map assignment and determine which of the ethical issues/moral principles you have read about that need to be considered when examining this case study (Case Studies in D2L Week 6 Module: Ethics and Values and under Assignments and Rubrics Tab).
  3. Refer to the American Nurses’ Association (ANA) Code of Ethics and select which of the nine provisions cover the issues you are discussing (Select a minimum of two of the nine provisions). Incorporate the four principles of the biomedical ethics, and at least two of the nine provisions into a concept map.
  4. Create an Ethical Issue Concept Map (a few examples available in D2L) and a Concept Map Written Summary. Both parts of this assignment are to be typed. Be sure and connect the concepts you choose with lines or overlapping boxes to show the connections in the pictorial Concept Map.
  5. Use APA format for in-text citations of references in the Concept Map AND in the Written Summary. References are expected in both parts of this assignment. Be sure and submit a reference page.
  6. Submit Concept Map and Written Summary as one document to appropriate D2L Dropbox with that name by designated due date in Course Calendar.


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