Glacial Geomorphology Of Ireland

1. Introduction
Glaciated landscapes such as Ireland’s contain a variety of glacial sediments and landforms that have previously been described in many publications. However, these have usually (but not exclusively) been without specific reference to hypothesised presence of any particular ‘glacial landsystem’. Landsystems are a collection of evidence (sediments and landforms) that are proposed to be associated with a particular ice mass or ice mass structure or behaviour. Thus they are a means to help us arrive at an interpretation of glacial sediments and landforms, based as they are on modern observations of ice masses and their products.
2. Title
This essay (1500-2000 words max.) asks you to briefly critique the application of your choice of a glacial land system model to your choice of area of Ireland i.e.
‘A critically assessment of the applicability of the [your choice] land system model to the glacial geomorphology of [your choice]’
Essays will be graded and feedback organised along the grading criteria listed in Section 6 of this document below.

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