Conceptions of the Self in Western and Eastern Psychology

The purpose of this assignment is to provide an opportunity to read and think critically about the ideas of early personality theorists and how their theoretical frameworks relate to those of an alternate cultural framework (i.e., Eastern/Buddhist). This assignment provides students the opportunity to hone their writing skills and demonstrate proficiency in APA formatting and style.
In general, the structure of an article review is quite flexible and will vary according to the type of article, (e.g., scientific experiment, book review, editorial, or theoretical article, etc). The assigned article is conceptual (idea based), and not a scientific study. Therefore, you won’t find the typical introduction, method, results, and discussion sections found in an empirical study.
READ CAREFULLY **Your task is to describe the author’s thesis, explain important concepts in a concise manner, and summarize the author’s most important conclusions along the way. This will be the summary, after which, you’ll add your critical analysis. Although a critique is personal, your statements should echo a reasonable amount of objectivity. In other words, where you delve into statements of opinion, it will help your case if you can also present a logical basis for your statements.
For this assignment, I have chosen a reasonably short, (although not simplistic) article titled “Conceptions of the self in Western and Eastern psychology” by, Yozan Dirk Mosig, published in Journal of Theoretical and Philosophical Psychology
Here’s the citation.
Mosig, Y. D. (2006). Conceptions of the self in Western and Eastern psychology. Journal of Theoretical and Philosophical Psychology, 26(1–2), 39–50.
Although the syllabus states 1.5 pg minimum for writing assignments, because of the depth of content in this article, your paper may certainly exceed 1.5 pages if necessary.
Because we are familiar with the Western view (Freud, etc.), there is no need to spend time presenting Mosig’s summary of the Western view. Please focus on the Eastern view.

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