Effects of Pareneting Style on Child Growth and Development

The papers should have a clear focus and logical progression. A complete or a polished version of the paper is not expected in drafts 1 and 2. It is understood that there may be flaws in organizational pattern, inadequate development of points or support for an argument, a lack of coherence, sentence-level problems with grammar, word choice, transitions, etc.
Draft 1 (5 points): It is understood that this will be a very rough draft. You must have some paragraphs and attempts at in-text citations. You can put in placeholders and list points for some sections.
This should be minimum of 3 pages in length and include:
● Introduce the topic: identify the topic, and then limit and narrow it to the issue/aspect that you are examining.
● Importance of the topic: for scholars, educators, parents, policymakers, etc or why this is an important issue to examine
● Research question(s) that you seek to answer in the paper.
● A thesis or focus statement(s) that expresses the main point you are trying to make (will still be a working thesis)
● Background information: in some instances, you may want to define/explain key terms or usages; trace the historical nature of your topic; describe different types/kinds of something; supply data, statistics, facts, and figures, and so on (may not be complete, but there should be some background)
● Some of the major points in at least a sketchy manner: more details, examples, or specifics may be added in subsequent drafts.
● A reference list with a minimum of 4 references correctly formatted.
Points will be given for fulfilling all requirements including timely submission and completion of the peer review.




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