Creation of the old world web

Chapters 4 through 8 approach world history regionally, using similar themes in several different settings across Eurasia. The most crucial themes include the formation of regional webs of interaction and the spread of complex and hierarchical societies and states. From 3500 BCE to 200 CE large parts of Eurasia and North Africa had developed strong and steady connections so as to be considered a single, sprawling web of interactions the text calls the Old World Web. Even though each chapter deals chiefly with one or at most two regions, most chapters also address some common themes to help keep the bigger picture in mind. In particular, how societies organized themselves politically and how states expanded their territories to create huge multicultural empires.

You may only use the information in Chapters 4-8 of The Webs of Humankind, no other sources are permitted.

In your essay, beginning with Chapter 4 and proceeding through Chapter 8, explain how the societies they describe organized themselves politically and expanded their territories to create huge multicultural empires. In the process of describing the expansion of their states, consider how their cultures structured social relations, created trade networks, spawned influential systems of thought, developed military techniques and more advanced technologies. Be sure you explain how this contributed to the process of web building.


  • It is essential that you meet the mimimum word requirement because your grade will be reduced in proportion to the amount your essay falls short of the length requirement. For example, if it is only 1500 words long your grade points will be reduced by 25%.
  • The essay must be written in in complete paragraphs that proceed from an introduction to the supporting information and then the conclusion. If you are unsure how to do this there are tutors at the Learning Resource Center that can help you or consult with me during office hours.
  • You may only use the in Chapters 4-8 of The Webs of Humankind, no other sources are permitted.
  • It would be best not to use quotations for this essay. You should describe the subject in your own words. If you do copy the exact wording of the text, those words must be put in quotation marks and cited in the style you have chosen (MLA, APA, or Chicago). Quotations should be brief, no longer than a couple of sentences.

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