Ms Florence ‘Flo’ Ljukuta 70-year-old female admitted to hospital post fall with soft tissue injury

Ms Florence ‘Flo’ Ljukuta 70-year-old female admitted to hospital post fall with soft tissue injury to right hip still unable to ambulate. Flo can not recall the event and up to 2-3mins post fall.

Read the clinical scenario and the answer the assessment questions in an essay format.

Assessment Questions
Question 1: Assessments (recommend 1500words)
Hospital policy requires Flo to receive the following assessments completed on admission to the ward.
• Falls assessment
• Functional assessment
• Pressure injury risk assessment
Students must:
• Detail the goal or purpose of each assessment
• Provide an example of a tool used in Australian hospitals including the frequency it should be completed
• Explain how each assessment relates to Flo’s presentation
• Explain how abnormal findings are managed by the nurse
Question 2: Plan and implementation (recommend 500words)
The following four (4) factors have contributed to Flo’s current fall and health status:
1. Normal age-related changes
2. Comorbidities
3. Acute illness
4. Medication
Students must choose one (1) of the factors (above) and identify the health promotion or education you as the nurse would provide in preparation for discharge. This must include two (2) referrals to support services and your rationale for each referral.
Please note: if a student details more than one factor, the marker will address and mark only the first factor outlined.
Presentation guidelines
• Complete the footer with last name_student number_NUR341_ Assessment 2
• Format your assessment with size 12 Arial/Calibri or similar font, 1.5 spacing
• Complete spelling and grammar check using English (Australia) default
• A minimum of 5 peer reviewed journals or texts no more than 5 years old
• Use CDU APA 7th referencing style
• 2000word limit: recommend Part 1 (1500 words) and Part 2 (500 words). The end-of-text reference list is NOT included in the word count.
• Save the final version of your paper using the filename of last name_student number_NUR341_ Assessment 2 and submit as a word document

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