Developing Lean Manufacturing Process Improvement

Consider the following phases of solving a real world problem:
Identify the problem
Define the problem
Develop possible solutions
Evaluate the possible solutions and choose
Plan and implement the solution
Monitor situation and follow-up with corrective actions
The Project will focus on the Problem Definition and will
Consist of a research paper using solid research and analysis techniques
Use at least three academic references for a real world project
Academic references are journal articles from academic journals or books written by academic authors
Other references can be used as well, including magazine articles, websites, newspaper articles, etc.
Be formatted according to APA guidelines
Have a topic that is within the field of Engineering Management
You should focus on a specific, practical issue (from work, global, etc.) affecting an individual or group
The primary emphasis of the paper is to define the problem and then discuss how it might be solved
NOTE: It is not necessary to solve the problem, just discuss how
A Real World problem:
Before you can solve the problem, you must first define it. This consists of steps 1 and 2 from above. These will include:
The problem definition needs to
Provide background of the situation
What has been happening
What are some symptoms or how has this problem come to your attention
Provide a statement of the problem gap
Current situation or status
Desired situation, or goal state
Provide evidence and data about the current situation
Be clear about how the achievement of the goal will be determined
The paper should also discuss steps 3 – 6, based on knowledge from Engineering Management:
You should recommend how you will generate solutions and evaluate them
How you will plan and implement the solution
How you will follow-up and make corrective action
You do not need to do steps 3 – 6, just make recommendations for how they will be done.
The basic outline of the paper should be:
Introduction: A few introductory sentences providing a brief outline of the overall paper.
Background: What is the situation and how the opportunity was identified.
Problem Statement: Discuss the problem based on the descriiptions provided above.
Recommendations: How you will proceed to the final step.
References: You must cite each references in the text of your paper using APA format

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