Nursing Informatics Portfolio Assignment

  1. Situation Analysis– (a detailed examination of a company’s market presence based on internal and external factors)
  • Describe the

-Real work environment-Hospital acute care

-Provider objectives- to carry out safe, competent, and effective healthcare within timely manner

-Current information
-Systems configuration- (defined System configuration is a term in systems engineering that defines the computer hardware, the processes as well as the various devices that comprise the entire system and its boundaries)


-As well as any unmet needs or issues.

  1.  Workflow Requirements
    · List or otherwise characterize the

-Key workflows


requirements that will need to be met by the new or upgraded health information

  1.  Architecture Alternatives
    · Describe and evaluate several workflow alternatives.

-Indicate the pros, cons,
-Unresolved issues for each alternative

-Give special attention to the effects of each
alternative on “human factor”, care pathways, and protocols.

  1. Provisional Recommendation
    · Given the admittedly incomplete information available to you

What would you recommend as next steps?

-Options include doing nothing, upgrading the current
system, performing more analysis, etc.


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