Direct Care Project Evaluating the Project

Directions for Part 4
1. View the Direct Care Project Part 4 Tutorial (Links to an external site.)
2. Download the Evaluating the Project template below
3. Gather the information from the surveys and attendance form.
4. Complete the Part 4 template with the following:
5. Title of presentation
1. Include community name in the title ( OSU medical center)
6. Tables of results
1. PRE-Survey and POST-Survey results in numerical form ( I will have this pre-survey and post survey results by April 8 because I present it on April 8th)
7. Comprehensive interpretation of results
1. Comprehensive summary of pre and post survey data in tables
1. Minimum of one paragraph
2. Include any positive or negative changes in pre and post-survey data
1. Minimum of one paragraph
8. Comprehensive reflection
1. Overall experience ( write about I had good experience presenting)
1. Minimum of one paragraph
2. Summary of outcomes from the pre and post surveys i.e. does pre/post-survey data indicate participants may be more willing to implement SBIRT or Flag
Program following the presentation? Did your presentation lead to further discussion about the topic with your audience?) ( yes and make something up in
this area)
1. Minimum of one paragraph
3. Barriers to the project (i.e. participant interest, time, limited resources, willingness for change, etc.)
1. Minimum of one paragraph
4. Implications for future practice
1. How could this project impact your personal and professional practice?
1. Minimum of one paragraph
Directions on how to do this assignment.
Like the previous parts, you will see the direct care project table here. Now you are on the last part. Here we’ll see the directions for the assignment. Like part one, this assignment is completed on the template provided. Note there’s not a specific template this time. I would like to point out an important piece to this assignment.
You must submit the attendance form with premier presentation. This assignment will not be graded until the attendance form is submitted, it will be marked complete or incomplete in the grades.

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