Health and Wellbeing Coach NHS

In this assessment, your awareness of the utility of nutritional assessment skills for your career will be evaluated. You are required to select and apply for one of the jobs listed below through submission of a single document including a cover letter and CV (NB., all roles included here are authentic. Students are encouraged to reflect on the varying job descriptions provided by employers). It is recommended that you tailor both documents to ensure your application demonstrates how you meet the requirements for your chosen role, incorporating evidence of your confidence using/ applying/ developing expertise with nutritional assessment techniques relevant to that role and demonstrating awareness of the importance of continued professional development for your longer-term career goals.
First, select a role from the following list*
1. Food-related roles
a. Nutritionist (Marks & Spencer)
b. Senior Nutritionist (Compass)
c. Nutritionist (Holroyd Howe)
2. Public health roles
a. Public Health Nutritionist (Kingston)
b. Higher Scientific Officer (Public Health England)
c. Health and Wellbeing Coach (NHS)
3. Sports nutrition roles
a. Club Nutritionist (Tottenham Hotspur)
b. Sports Nutrition expert (Herbalife)
c. Performance Nutritionist (Brighton & Hove Albion)
4. Developmental nutrition roles
a. Food security and nutrition (REACH)
b. Humanitarian Nutrition Adviser (Save the Children)
c. Internship (World Food Programme)
5. Research roles
a. RA in Epidemiology (Imperial College London)
b. Data Scientist, University of Nottingham
c. 4-year PhD Scholarship (Wellcome Trust)
*Alternative jobs that students wish to apply for must be agreed by the module leader and shared with all students on the module before the end of week 6.
All job description documents are accessible in the ‘Job Descriptions sub-folder.
Submission requirements
Maximum lengths of assessment/ submission:
– Cover letter: < 500 words (including address etc. details).
– CV: 2 sides of A4

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