Epidemiology (Case Studies Solved)

This will be for 4 case studies minimum of 275 words per case study 2 questions can be answered per page in paragraphs single spaced, please answer the question in full and include at least 1 reference for each case. Cite all sources

Case study 1

Please read the following case study and respond to the questions.

Alan Thompson is a public health nurse and a member of a committee assigned to assess the health care needs of aging baby boomers in Duxbury County. Alan and his committee are aware that as the “baby-boomer population” ages, health care professionals must prepare for a rapid increase in the number of people older than 65 years of age. The committee’s purpose is to make suggestions to the health department and county officials about how to prepare for the influx in health services that will be needed for these older adults.

Currently, 25% of the population in Duxbury County is older than 65 years. However, in 25 years, this percentage is expected to increase to over 50%. Currently, five primary care providers are practicing in the county, and service waiting lists range from 1 to 3 weeks; only one of these providers specializes in geriatric care. A single 54-bed long term nursing care facility is located in the northern region of the spacious county. Because of the rural roads, no public transit system is in place. However, residents may call a hospital shuttle if they need to arrange transportation to a doctor’s appointment.

The first step in community assessment is to clearly define the client. What are the geographic boundaries of the community of interest? Which people are members of this community? What characteristics do they have in common?

What methods of data generation should Nurse Alan use to assess the community’s knowledge and beliefs, values and sentiments, goals and perceived needs, norms, problem-solving processes, power, leadership, and influence structures?

Using Green and Slade’s (2001) three-part nursing diagnosis format (risk of___, among ____, related to____), write a nursing diagnosis for this county


Case study 2

Select an infectious disease and research the CDC website for:

Information about the disease, its natural history, presenting symptoms, and outbreak characteristics. Identify an occurrence of the disease by searching the Internet for recent reports of this disease, Compare that episode or occurrence with information from the CDC website. How closely did that outbreak resemble the case definition? Discuss your findings

Case study 3

Please read the following information about a vulnerable family and answer the questions that follow:

Jaya is a 20-year-old single mother with two small children. She is unemployed and receives Medicaid. She has recently been diagnosed with a bipolar disorder and is taking lithium. The children are 5 years and six months old. The 5-year-old was born with myelomeningocele and has had numerous surgeries. Today Jaya must take the children to the health department for well-child checkups.

Would this mother likely qualify for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) food vouchers?

What kinds of help are available in your community for low-income children with physical and developmental disabilities?

Discuss the family’s potential health needs and indicate what other community resources might be useful for this family?

Describe how you might intervene with this family?

Case study 4

Many of the epidemics of the future will be defined by social problems such as substance abuse. Public health nurses can address societal issues by evaluating problems and then determining what can be changed in the system to decrease the problem.

You are a public health nurse at a health department. You would like to reduce substance abuse in your community. You investigate how substance abuse is being prevented and treated in your town. On the local level, you find that substance use prevention classes are taught at all the middle and high schools, and several substance abuse recovery centers are available. One of the substance abuse recovery centers is nationally recognized for outstanding care. On the state level, you find that several laws exist that punish those who engage in illegal drug use and selling. Punishments are especially strict for repeat offenders and for persons who sell drugs to minors. On the national level, you identify several associations that research treatments for substance abuse and several Healthy People objectives that prioritize the need to reduce substance abuse for many populations.

Throughout your assessment, you note a lack of health services for the children of parents who abuse drugs. Most of the services in your area are directed toward adults in recovery; however, the children of these adults are also affected by the addiction cycle. You decide to develop a counseling service for these children. You plan to offer a hotline for children to call, a support group network for children, and education on how children should refrain from drug use.

Describe the competencies that a nurse needs to acquire in preparation for public health nursing practice?

Explain how do collaborative partnerships help public health nurses? With whom could you collaborate to address the needs of the children of parents who abuse drugs?

Discuss the criteria that are necessary if an intervention is to be population based?


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