SWOT Analysis Heath Care Facility

This is about your unit/job. Look at your place of employment, select ONE (1) problem that is currently being addressed; or, one that you think needs to be addressed. (Feel free to create the problem of your choise)
1. For the first part of this assignment, use your work-unit to fill out the attached SWOT grid and then analyze your unit’s results.
Writer: You don’t have to fill out the sheet, just create the answers of each topic Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities, Threats. I attached one SWOP example I found online, just create one on your own words and I will will fill out the sheet my self)

For the second part of this assignment, using at least three references, you will
1. Analyze each area of the worksheet.
2. Write an analysis of each SWOT area of the worksheet. Your summary should be a 3-5 page APA essay with a title page, headings, citations, and references (at least two (2). There is no word count for this assignment.
1. Write a brief introduction to the nursing organization/unit.
2. Explain at least three major strengths and two major weaknesses of the organization/unit. o For each weakness, discuss what the organization could do to minimize that weakness.
3. Include in your analysis an explanation of how each of the opportunities and threats will likely impact the organization/unit.
4. Briefly summarize your SWOT analysis. (conclusion)
 Discuss how the organization/unit can capitalize on the opportunities that are occurring from within the general environment;
 How the organization can neutralize the threats that are occurring.
o To organize your 3-5 page APA essay, (title and reference pages are not part of the essay page count).
 Use the headings in the rubric to help organize your essay.
 Three (3) scholarly references.

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