Ethical Dilemma in Facebook Case

You should have read the case “Facebook ” on page 158-161 from the textbook.
Answer the questions provided below. Please submit the answer on BlackBoard.
1. Perform an ethical analysis of Facebook. What is the ethical dilemma presented by this case?
2. What is the relationship of privacy to Facebook’s business model?
3. Describe the weaknesses of Facebook’s privacy policies and features. What people, organizations, and technology factors have contributed to those
4. Will Facebook be able to have a successful business model without invading privacy? Explain your answer. Are there any measures Facebook could take to make this possible?
Create three scenarios using the data ICE 12 PART B DATA.xslx
a. Basic Scenario: What are the Costs, Revenues, and Profits of each Clothing Description and Grand Total (Format the answers in $ with two decimal
b. Scenario 1: Using Shipping costs from the Shipping Costs table, add the shipping costs to unit costs, find the Revenues, and Profits of each Clothing.
Which Scenario brings in the most profit for VCC, Inc.?

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