Resume and JobsOnline Job Board Registration

This assignment has two parts: A resume and a screenshot of your registration to JobsOnline. Directions follow:

Create and/or update your resume.  Write as if you have completed your program at the College. You will then have a relatively current resume with only minor updates when you graduate. The resume should be a one-age document.  The career and placement center will be glad to review resumes and offer advice on how to optimize this important document. Here is the link to the Career and Placement Center

Once there click on Career readiness box or use this link

For information on resume and interviewing skills.

Massage Therapists: Include modalities you have been trained in.  You might include the clinic operations (MASS 1480) including computerized scheduling, client education, product sales and clinic management. Membership in a professional organization like or

Personal Trainers: Include any national certifications or professional affiliations. You could also include any internship experience.

Yoga Instructors: Include any national certifications or professional affiliations. Program hours. Any other pertinent information.

Use the resume checklist on page 175 of your Business Mastery textbook.

Remember – if it doesn’t look good at a glance, it’s likely to be discarded without a second look at the details.

2) Register with College’s JobsOnline Job Board program. (Include email acceptance or screenshot). Current students and alumni can post résumés and apply for jobs posted by employers from the Twin Cities and surrounding area.

The first time you access JobsOnline Job Board you will need to activate your account:

  1. Go to
  2. Click the Students icon or use this link:
  3. Follow directions to register.
  4. Please take a screenshot as proof or registration to JobsOnline and submit it to the assignment folder/dropbox in D2L.

Please submit a minimum of the one-page document to the appropriate assignment folder/dropbox in D2L. Thank you!

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