Geriatric Case Study

Patient refer from O&T OPD to AED for Anemia Hbdrop from baseline 9.7 to 7. 5 TIBC 29 iron deficiency anemia
Skin tear during admission flap reserved with mepitel one
Fall incident 3 months ago at home Albumin 24
OGD result NAD
Chronic smoker
Bil hydronephosis CROU Foley inserted
Patient knowledge deficit doesn’t want long term foley/ CISC
Hong Kong MOCA 12/30
ADL: MDI 57/100
Complaints about Right shoulder pain and left hip pain
Rt Milwaukee shoulder massive rotator cuff tear Lt AVN suggested hip neurolysis but cancel due to
old age
Premorbid walk with stick now rotator with assistance CAT2 to 3 due to pain


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