Greek vs Egyptian Sculpture

Comparison of Egyptian and Greek Sculpture 30 pts
For this assignment, you will be comparing the Egyptian sculpture of Menkaure (chapter 3) to the Greek Kouros.
After looking over these works in your book, read the article on Greek and Egyptian sculpture and watch the YouTube lectures posted below. Respond to the following questions and submit your paper into the submission folder.
YouTube Video, Influences on the New York Kouros and Anavysos Kouros:

1) Starting with your own observations and the first couple of paragraphs in the article, give a brief physical descriiption of Kouros (early Greek sculptures).
From what you see, how are they similar and different that Egyptian sculpture, such as that of Menkaure and others. Provide 3-5 observations or arguments. (8 pts)
2) From what you have learned in the reading, how is the purpose or function of Greek figurative (human form) sculpture different than Egyptian? In other words, why did the Egyptians make sculpture of people and how is that different from why the Greeks made them? Give 3-4 arguments. (8 pts)
3) What technical advancements or changes did the Greeks make in sculpture? (7 pts)
4) The Egyptians used the canon or grid to establish ideal beauty in their figures. The Greeks started with that but made gradual changes and developed a system of proportions. How are these systems similar and different? (7 pts)
In total, your paper should be about 1-1/2 pages long (single spaced). You do not have to number your responses but you do need to be sure to address each of the questions to earn full points. If you use any other sources of information (not recommended) please site them in your paper.

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