Leadership competency improvement and people development

LC Improvement Paper Guidelines:
1. Begin by choosing a case illustration or critical work incident in order to profile better the integration of the selected competency/skill in practical business operation.
2. Conduct a review of precedent literature related to and arising from the case illustration/critical work incident.
3. Analyze the selected precedent literature in terms of Dimension 1 (Transformational Servant Leadership Transformational Servant Leadership Values and Ethics) and Dimension 2 (Higher Ordered Thinking and Analysis).
4. Create a synthetic summary of best practices learned from evidence-based investigations and problem-solving in the area of leadership competency and other activities conducted.
5. Reflect on Step #4 in regards to implications for personal action. Address knowledge of self, needs of others, and organizational/business objectives, integration of relevant concepts, knowledge learned, and an action plan for future implementation.
6. Based on Step #5, articulate a personal action plan.

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