Health Management Information System assignment


Imagine you have you have been hired as CIO (Chief Information officer) by a large healthcare facility and charged with the implementation of Health Management Information System that should cater to the 21st Century clinical, administrative and financial needs of the facility. Please review your assignments below and write a report for the Board of Directors:
1. Select the latest and most appropriate Health Management Information System (HMIS) available in the market (review chapter 1).
2. Conduct environmental scan of the healthcare industry to ensure that the selected HMIS provides the required services and competitive advantage over other similar healthcare facilities (review chapter 2).
3. Assess the impact of government policies and reforms that might impact the selection and implementation of the HMIS (review chapter 3).
4. Describe your role as a leader in the implementation of this project (review chapter 4).
5. Discuss the HMIS/HIT Alignment with the organizational strategy (review chapter 5).
6. Develop HIT architecture and infrastructure for the organization (review chapter 6).
7. Design IT Service Management for service and tech support for the organization (review chapter
Submit Interim Progress Report (Mid-Term Report)
8. Organize system selection and contract management (review chapter8).
9. List components of the Electronic Health Record (EHR), delineate its benefits, adoption stages,
security issues, and cost/benefits for the organization (review chapter 9).
10. Describe the administrative and financial components of HMIS for the organization (review
chapter 10).
11. Describe and discuss HIT Portfolio management strategy of the organization (review chapter
12. Perform HIT Value Analysis of the project (review chapter 12).
Submit final Project Report (Final project Paper)
Page 8 of 13
Length: 20-25 pages
Format: double-spaced in APA format
The final project should have:
1. Title or cover page containing:
a. Project title
b. Course code and title c. Your name
d. Instructor name
e. Date of submission
2. Table of Contents
3. Executive Summary – one to two pages
4. Body of Report
5. Conclusion and Recommendations
6. References (cited in APA format).

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