Implementation Experience Reflection Assignment Help

Human Fatigue Affecting Runway Operations Safety, and Runway Incursion Avoidance. Implementation Experience Reflection.

Reflect on your entire implementation experience. Consider how the tasks completed influenced your capstone and its conclusion. Did your experience reinforce the conclusion? Did it refute the conclusion? Did it simply bring the concept of your capstone alive now that you were “hands-on”? Have you discovered a new perspective on your topic? Do you have questions about your topic that needs further exploration? Etc… Take the time to explain your thoughts.

The implementation part of the overall Capstone places the entire capstone project into practice. Reflection and implementation of capstone must be described in detail and included in the Implementation Section of the Capstone Project Final Paper. Discuss in detail the following questions:

  • How did the Implementation experience impact your capstone thesis statement and your views?
  • How were the lenses implemented during the implementation hours? Elaborate
  • Did your capstone project change after the implementation? Elaborate on why or why not.

Adjust your conclusion now that the implementation is complete. Your Conclusion must have the following components:

  • A paper’s conclusion does not repeat the introduction
  • The conclusion must reflection on the research knowledge gained merged with the implementation experience.
  • The conclusion summarizes all that has been proven about the capstone project and makes a final, significant, lasting statement about the importance of the topic – as seen through the eyes of a person with a biblical worldview.

Additional Instructions:

. Ensure that this reflection is written in APA format 7.

. Ensure two sources related to the topic Human Fatigue Affecting Runway Operations Safety   and Runway Incursion Avoidance are used, cited through the body text, and referenced on the reference section. These sources are specifically for ground crews NOT ATC or PILOTS.

. Attached you will see the implementation logs so you can use to write this reflection.

. Refer to the thesis statement and ensure all connects and makes sense.

.Ensure all components of this assignment are present as per original instructions above and answer all questions.

. You will find the needed files to complete this assignment in the files section.

Capstone Thesis Statement:

Human fatigue has the potential to increase the number of runway incursions due to the inability of airport crew management to maintain a proper work schedule and overall poor management of crew, ground support and maintenance. The intend of this project is to show that one of the main causes for runway incursions at the Raleigh Durham International Airport is human fatigue. Furthermore, this project will show how human fatigue is affecting the ground crews due to extended work schedules.

The lenses implemented were Economic lens, safety lens, and biblical lens.


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