Neuroendocrine and Hormone Influences on Exercise Physiology and Performance

This will be a written assignment for my advanced Exercise Physiology class regarding the endocrine system and a particular hormone.
For this particular assignment, using Kenney W. L., Wilmore, J., Costill, D. Physiology of Sport and Exercise (7th ed.). Human Kinetics, Champaign, IL. 2019, select 1 hormone (cannot be identical to the primary hormone shown in your discussion map). You CAN’T use glucagon or glucose regulation. I have provided examples of hormone maps within the textbook (Ch. 4); however, please note that you may not use any of the hormones featured within the
example maps of chapter 4 as your topic.
You will write a mini review on this hormone covering its: 1) primary functions, 2) origins and targets within the body, 3) how either endurance or resistance training influences this hormone, 4) 1 disease or disorder that may occur if this hormone is chronically outside its homeostatic range, and 5) how the disease or disorder affects body functions. This mini-review is to be written in paragraph format, 2-5 pages in length. Double-spaced, 7th edition APA format. The
CUC cover page, title page, and reference list do not count against page limits. At least 2 peer-reviewed references are required. I have attached links to relevant videos explaining these topics and other recommended resources to elaborate on the assignment expectations.

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