Leadership Challenges in the United States Military

Prepare a narrated PowerPoint presentation of 8 to 10 slides.
Your presentation will cover United States Military Leadership Challenges for the 21st Century and must contain the following criteria:
8–10 slides in length accurate content that includes AT LEAST 3 peer-reviewed sources; sources must be relevant to the presentation
sources must be properly cited using APA style inside the slides
sources must be provided on a reference slide for research assistance, please use our library tutorials: Library FAQs (Links to an external site.) and Research Databases (Links to an external site.)
graphics (charts, diagrams, figures, etc.) that are relevant to the topic and help further convey or illustrate the concept
In addition to the above criteria, your presentation will be graded on overall cohesiveness:
your ability to express complex ideas with clarity and precision by:
composing an oral presentation based on your written brief (your project research and writing) and
creating a narrated PowerPoint presentation with audio to enhance the content of your brief (your project research and writing)
the formatting of each slide, including font and font color that are easy to read and appropriate for a presentation
grammar and spelling presentation speaker notes inserted into each slide’s notes pane
presentation audio voice is synchronized with the PowerPoint slides
Reference the Presentation Rubric in structuring your PowerPoint
Slides are grammatically correct
Slides tell the story about the selected conflict
Slides are well organized, with headers, and form a beginning, middle, and end across presentation sections
Citations are included and used appropriately

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