The Federal Aviation Act of 1958 Essay

The Federal Aviation Act of 1958. Read Grand Canyon Collision – The greatest commercial air tragedy of its day! (Link: from, which details the circumstances surrounding one of the most prolific aircraft accidents of all time—the June 1956 mid-air collision between two commercial aircraft over the Grand Canyon.
Prepare a case analysis addressing the factors surrounding the enactment of the Federal Aviation Act of 1958.
Please include the following in your case analysis:
Identify and isolate as assigned, the problem/s or issue/s.
Present a valid argument with reference to relevant concepts, theories, and/or frameworks; Fully supports the Problem Statement; Should exhibit thoughtfulness, and make some effort towards predicting outcomes.
Provide a Recommendation. (A somewhat realistic approach to resolving the problem should be provided. The reason is provided. Advantages and disadvantages should be present. The outcome of implementation is positive. A decision could possibly be made based on the information provided.)

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