Luxury Industry Research Presentation

Luxury Industry Research Presentation

Utilising the findings from your report prepare a 10-minute presentation covering the following areas.

Please use the following format for your research presentation:

  1. Brief Industry Background and Objectives of the Research – (1 Slide)
  2. Research Problem Statement and Research Questions – (1 Slide)
  3. Methodology/Literature -(Very brief description) – (2 Slide)
  4. Key Findings – Interpretation of the data both secondary and Primary – (4 Slides)
  5. Conclusions and Recommendations – (2 slides)

Tips for the presentation;

  1. Be concise and present information that best describes your analysis and builds a strong persuasive idea.
    2. Reference data sources and make sure it is on the presentation chart. Always specify the size of the sample when presenting data.
    4. Try to stay focused on the discussion you are presenting, don’t give too many unnecessary examples.
    5. Make sure your conclusions and recommendation are evidence-based – that is from the data you have collected.

All presentations are to be constructed in PowerPoint following the format outlined on Moodle. For each PowerPoint slide, you must also have notes under the slide in the notes section.

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